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“Dehydration is something you can’t feel, but when you know the signs it can be easily spotted.”

Listen to the nutritionist Diana Miranda, as she takes us through this recurring problem. A refreshing episode that will wash away any doubts.

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Ginger, peppermint and cinnamon infusion

If infusions are not your cup of tea, wait until you taste this spicy creation. A soothing drink, easy to prepare and easily adapted to your preferred consistency. Want to know how? Just click play.

Lemon, berry and cinnamon flavoured water

Hmmmm, can you smell the fresh citrus and berry aromas? They are all here, in this lovely flavoured water recipe, that can be easily thickened according to your favourite consistency. Ready for a top up of good ideas? Press play.

Aromatic spinach broth

There is nothing quite as restorative and appetising as a wonderfully warm vegetable broth. Surrender to the gentle flavours of this easy recipe. It’s all here, step by step.


Date of preparation: October 2023