Well-being Resources for Parkinson's Disease

Welcome to, a place where you can find resources for Parkinson's Disease. We're dedicated to supporting those with Parkinson's disease, by offering recipes, exercises and activities to enhance well-being. You can find all the resources below.

Whether you are in the mood for exercise, feeling peckish for something delicious, eager to speak up or even focused on challenging your mind. We have you covered and ready to go.

You can explore the resources through the section above. Here are some tips to help integrate these practices into your daily life:

Establish a routine: A consistent daily schedule provides structure, giving you a sense of control.

Set achievable goals: Break down large goals into smaller tasks and celebrate each achievement, no matter how small.

Practice self-care: Engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

Stay socially connected: Maintain strong relationships as social support may support your well-being.

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Date of Preparation: April 2024