For Carers

Keep ON caring!

Knowledge is an important part of caring. When we understand the facts behind Parkinson’s, we can find new ways around it, make plans and adjust routines.

That’s what you will find on this page: insightful information for those who want to help someone to Keep It ON.

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How can we help a person with Parkinson’s stand up?

Standing up from a sitting position can be challenging for someone living with Parkinson’s. Helping them can be just as challenging. Watch the video for tips and advice for caregivers.

How can we help someone with Parkinson’s to walk on the street?

Learn, step by step, how to help someone with Parkinson’s walk along the street with more freedom. Press play to discover insightful advice.

How can we help a person with Parkinson’s perform daily activities?

Sometimes, helping someone with Parkinson’s to perform some daily activities, can be as simple as waving hello. Watch the video for some simple signs and tips for caregivers.

How can we help a person with Parkinson’s with their medication?

Managing medication is not that simple for people with Parkinson’s. Caregivers know that and struggle to help overcome this hurdle. That’s why we’ve prepared a video with a few helpful tips. You’re welcome.


Date of preparation: October 2023